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*NEW* Blair Bagpipe Tuner IN STOCK NOW!

It's easy to use, accurate and precise. The Blair Bagpipe tuner is the only compact tuner built for the Highland Bagpipe scale.
The Blair Bagpipe Tuner features a large widescreen LCD showing the note, frequency and pitch position (cents) with dedicated tuning modes for Chanter, Drones and 'Fine Tuning', an innovative high-resolution mode displaying frequencies @0.1Hz. It's highly sensitive with advanced detection technology.

The tuner also includes a 3.5mm external microphone input and universal thread for mounting onto a tripod or selfie-stick for extra reach in a Pipe Band.

The Blair Bagpipe Tuner is an absolute all-rounder for the Solo Piper or Pipe Band.



HB Hardcase

for Blair Pro Tuner