Pipe Cases

PC Backpack Pipe Case

The case features 2 concealable padded shoulder straps and 2 handles for carrying methods. There are internal compartments that provide protection for your chanter. As well this case features external compartments to hold your maintenance items in. It is 26.5″ x 12.5″ x 7″ The black case open to the side more like a traditional suitcase.


Hardie Deluxe Pipe Case


  • 2kg
  • 7kg (with bagpipes and accessories)



  • Widest: 38 x 24cm
  • Narrowest: 25 x 15cm
  • Length including handle: 70cm


  • Widest: 35 x 21cm
  • Narrowest: 20 x 10cm
  • Length: 60cm


Bagpiper Backpack Trolley Case

Exterior Dimensions:- Height 55cm (21.65")

Width 33cm (13.00")

Depth 20cm (7.87")

Weight 2.3kg (5.06lb)


Hardie Flight Case


2.7kg (approx. 6.5kg including bagpipes and accessories)

External Dimensions:

55cm x 35cm x 20cm


Pipe Caddy

The PIPE CADDY™ is designed to conveniently carry any set of Highland bagpipes (including those with the Ross Cannister system) when a conventional carrying case is unavailable. Designed by a piper for pipers, this unique back pack allows you to carry your bagpipes with or without breaking down the bass drone. Ideal for parades, ceremonies or any piping event when you've left your case somewhere and have to carry your pipes.

The PIPE CADDY™ comes with an adjustable shoulder strap, is made of light yet rugged "linebacker" nylon. A water repellant coating on the PIPE CADDY™ further protects your pipes. Included is a cordura™ carry-case which fits on a standard kilt belt to neatly hold the PIPE CADDY™ when not in use.