*NEW* Blair Bagpipe Tuner IN STOCK NOW!

Product Code: Blair Bagpipe Tuner

Price: $155.00

It's easy to use, accurate and precise. The Blair Bagpipe tuner is the only compact tuner built for the Highland Bagpipe scale.
The Blair Bagpipe Tuner features a large widescreen LCD showing the note, frequency and pitch position (cents) with dedicated tuning modes for Chanter, Drones and 'Fine Tuning', an innovative high-resolution mode displaying frequencies @0.1Hz. It's highly sensitive with advanced detection technology.

The tuner also includes a 3.5mm external microphone input and universal thread for mounting onto a tripod or selfie-stick for extra reach in a Pipe Band.

The Blair Bagpipe Tuner is an absolute all-rounder for the Solo Piper or Pipe Band.

Chanter Mode
Drone Mode
Fine Tuning Mode
Note display
Frequency display
Calibration display
Cents Meter +/- 50
Calibration range 456 -499Hz
Tuning frequency resolution 0.1%
Accuracy 0.3~0.6%
Autosave calibrated frequency
Power save function
Low Battery indicator
Internal Microphone
External Microphone input (3.5mm)
Universal tripod mount
Power 2x AAA Battery
Weight 84grams
Size 98x64x17mm