Fred Morrison Reelpipes

Product Code: Fred Morrison Reelpipes

Price: $3,600.00

Fred Morrison Reel Pipes have a characteristically resonant, expressive sound. They are beautifully crafted in african blackwood, finished with refined alloy ferrules and imitation ivory drone tops.

The chanter is perfectly tuned to concert pitch. The sound is clear with an excellent dynamic. The drones are steady and melodious and harmonise beautifully with the chanter.

The conical bore chanter has the added advantage of cross-fingered accidental notes, C and F naturals.

The luxury hand made bellows are fully padded with hand-sewn plush leather cushions on the front and back to ensure comfort and ease of play. The bellows are made from the highest quality components to ensure many years of great playing.

Available in the Key of A, complete with:

    Blackwood Drones
    Blackwood Chanter and cane reed
    Luxury hand made bellows
    Drone Switch
    Synthetic Bag (Hide bag available by request)
    Ezeedrone Reelpipe Drone Reeds
    Bagpipe Cover
    Bagpipe Case

The Reel Pipes are set up by Fred and delivered, ready to play.